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Wine tasting parties are a fun way to entertain friends. Trying different wines in a

relaxed atmosphere gives people the chance to express their opinions, have social chit chat or to make a more serious appraisal of different wines and learn more about them.

If you are about to host a wine tasting party you need to decide what type of tasting you want to have. It could be:

Wine and Cheese Tasting

Wine and cheese parties have long been popular as the two do seem to go together, and it is easy to buy and put out a range of cheeses for guests to nibble, and not have to worry about preparing any complicated food dishes. Some basic guidelines for wine and cheese pairings are:

  • White wines match best with soft cheeses and stronger flavors.
  • Red wines match better with harder cheeses and milder flavors.
  • Fruity and sweet white wines can work well with a range of cheeses.
  • The more pungent a cheese, the sweeter the wine should be to partner it.
You may find that, when offering several different cheeses, that white wines get more approval than reds. This is because several cheeses, particularly soft and creamy ones, leave a layer of fat on the palate that interferes with the flavor of reds so that they are perceived as bland tasting.

Sweeter whites, and sparkling whites, however, can help break through the fat in heavier cheeses, and can be a successful combination. Cabernet sauvignon, ports, and dessert wines are often the best partner to a cheese with mold or a blue cheese.

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Vertical Wine Tasting

A vertical wine tasting is based around assessing one wine varietal from one producer over several different vintages.

Tasting the same varietal from the same vineyard is an interesting exercise and shows how wines can vary from year to year depending on climate and various factors that can have an effect.

It is often a change in the weather that upsets or enhances a particular vintage, as it can affect the amount of water available during the growing season, and the amount of sunshine available to ripen the grapes.

Click here to plan a Vertical Wine Tasting Dinner Party!

Horizontal Tasting

A horizontal tasting is conducted by focusing on a wine varietal from a single year, but from several different producers.

This can be a narrow field of exploration, choosing all the wines from the same general region, or, often much more revealing, choosing the same grape variety, say cabernet sauvignon, grown in completely different parts of the world.

Click here to plan a Horizontal Wine Tasting.

Old World vs. New World Wines

The old world wines versus the new is a variation of this theme, where you would take a well known grape variety such as the syrah, grown in southern France and compare it with an Australian Shiraz, essentially the same grape, but often grown under more extreme temperature conditions, and yielding a stronger, more full bodied wine as a result.

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Guess The Price

A fun exercise is to withhold any information about the price of any wines offered and see whether your guests can distinguish the difference in a blind tasting, between a very inexpensive and a very expensive wine, provided you can run to a few bottles of very expensive wine.

Put together a Guess the Price Wine Tasting.

Wine tasting parties need not be serious events although a lot can be learned. Above all they should be friendly affairs with the minimum of fuss and pretension. Wine and social events are good partners.

Host A Wine Tasting Party

Host a wine tasting party.

Have fun and learn all about wine with your fiends.

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