Wine (Clearing) Racking

Wine Racking or (Clearing The Wine) - part 4 wine making instructions

Clearing – There are a couple wine racking techniques.  One is to siphon the wine into the carboy and add sulfite.   Keep the carboy topped up and wait (1-3 months) for the wine to clear.   This would be considered the "natural" way to rack wine.

Another would be to add a “fining” to the wine.  Fining will clear the wine in two weeks.   This speeds up the process so your wine is ready to bottle sooner.

First Racking

  • Dissolve the packets of Potassium Metabisulfite and Potassium Sorbate (come with wine kits) in one cup of water. Mix the clearing agent (also included) and pour the solution into an empty carboy. The sulfite acts as an anti-oxidant, preserves the color of your wine, and encourages the development of esters that give the wine a smooth flavor as it ages. The Sorbate will prevent the wine from re-fermenting after bottling.
  • Siphon the wine into the carboy containing the solution.
  • Stir wine vigorously for 2 minutes with the end of your spoon. This allow the air bubbles to escape. Do not skip this step or your wine may not clear.
  • Make sure the wine is up to the neck of the carboy. If not, add water to top off.
  • Insert airlock and bung. Be sure airlock has water in it.

Second Racking

  • In about 2 weeks the wine should be crystal clear. Carefully rack the wine off the sediment into another carboy. If another carboy is not available, rack the wine into your primary fermenter, clean out the carboy, and rack back into the carboy.
  • Top off the carboy with water. In another 2 weeks, the wine should be ready to bottle.
Our final steps will be bottling, corking and labeling our wine. We are almost done. Our finished product is right in front of us!

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