Wine Making Instructions

Learn "How to" Make Wine

Simple and easy wine making instructions that are geared for wine concentrate kits. There are some slight variations of steps, but the "tried and true" basics are here.

You can use these homemade wine making instructions a to make your wine a couple of different ways…

  • A pre-packaged juice concentrate kit (highly recommended for the beginner…there is less room for error)
  • Fruit wine recipe (using fresh fruits other than grapes)
  • Grapes – which contain pure unconcentrated juice

Following are the steps to make your homemade wine. Please follow the instruction time line exactly to prevent possible problems. Your first 2 weeks are the most critical.

Once the wine has fermented, you have a little leeway in proceeding to the next step.

Be sure to take you hydrometer readings as specified. This is important. Once you get to the clearing and aging steps you have room to adjust according to your schedule.

There are 7 steps to follow:

The final steps will vary if you are making wine from a fruit wine recipe or wine from wine concentrate kits. If you are using a fresh fruit recipe, the wine will have a longer aging process. If you are using a wine concentrate kit, the wine will be ready to bottle and drink in less time.


Sanitization - part 1 wine making instructions

BE SURE to sanitize all your equipment as you go. Cleanliness is VERY important.

Clean all items your wine making equipment using a sanitization solution made with ½ teaspoon Potassium Metabisulfite dissolved in a quart of water. This will kill any wild yeast or bacteria that may cause off-flavors in your wine. That means the spoon, siphon hose, fermenter, carboy, turkey baster, hydrometer, air lock, bung...everything that will have contact with your "must" during the process.

The biggest problem people have with "bad" wine is that sanitization has not been complete. This is a critical step of you are following your wine making instructions closely. When you end up with "bad" wine, it is usually because of contamination.

Save the metabisulfite solution in a tightly capped container as it can be used over again. This solutions has a distinct smell. when this smell disappears, toss out your sanitizing solution and make more. After sanitization, rinse thoroughly with tap water.

This step cannot be stressed enough.

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"How-To" make wine and getting fermentation started.

Are you ready to get your wine making equipment and get started?

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