Home Winemaking Accessories

The additional home winemaking accessories you will need to make your life easier include a long handle spoon, hydrometer, siphon hose and clip, airlock and rubber bung.

Long Handle Spoon is actually a long handle paddle. It has one slender end that will fit into the mouth of your carboy (secondary fermenter) and a paddle with holes at the other end for stirring your must allowing for aeration. It is typically heavy plastic but you can use a wooden one. It needs to be at least 24" long.

home winemaking supplies

is used to measure sugar content. For in depth information on using the hydrometer, go here.

Siphon Hose and Clip
This is a 3/8" diameter pliable clear plastic hose about 5 feet long with a "j" shape non-pliable plastic tube that has a cap on the end to keep large particles and sediment from being siphoned.

The clip will attach to the side of your primary fermenter to hold in place while you siphon. Be sure the hose is long enough to fit deeply into your secondary fermenter to minimize splashing that will cause oxidation.

The siphon hose will also be used when bottling your wine. The bottle filler attaches to the end and has a pressure sensitive tip that will stop releasing liquids when pressure is removed. (it is a cool tool!)

Airlock & Rubber Bung

winemaking airlock

The airlock is used on both your primary and secondary fermenters. It is filled about 1/3 with water and keeps contaminants out of your wine and also allows the gasses CO2 to escape.

The rubber bung is available in different sizes and needs to fit snugly into the mouth of your carboy. The airlock is filled 1/3 with water and inserted into the hole in the center of the bung.

That pretty much covers the basic home winemaking accessories you will need to efficiently make your wine. To recap - you will need your primary fermenter, secondary fermenter, long handle spoon, hydrometer, siphone hose, airlock and rubber bung.

Wine Thief

If you are on a budget, you can skip this item and use a turkey baster instead.   But when you can get a wine thief, you must.

You just dip it into your carboy of wine and take a sample. Then spin your hydrometer in it and get a current SG reading for your wine! Just that simple.

Complete Starter Kit

wine making products

To get your basic wine starter kit...
Click HERE. This kit includes the basic equipment and a few home winemkaing accessories to make your project that much easier.

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