"Guess the Price" Wine Tasting

There are many ways to have fun with wine tasting, and playing a game of "guess the price" fits right in. In a blind tasting, can you and your guests distinguish between very inexpensive, moderately-priced, and somewhat expensive wines (or even "very expensive", if your budget permits!) Here's how to throw a "guess the price" wine tasting party.

Get Ready

Select a price range for the wines, perhaps $5 - $25.

Invite six to eight friends. Ask each couple or person to bring an appetizer and a bottle of wine wrapped in a paper bag. Any wine they want, from anywhere in the selected price range. The host will provide one (or two) also. Aim for six bottles of wine.

Ask everyone also to bring information about the type of wine, the name of the winery, and the price - on a note card would be fine.

Before the guests arrive, set up the tables, line up the wine glasses, lay out the plates, napkins, and utensils, get the pens and the score sheets ready, turn on the music, and wait for the happy guests to arrive.

As the guests arrive and hand over their bottle(s) of wine, the host should bag the bottle, remove the corks and mask any other labeling that might appear at the top of the bottle, then use a rubber band around the top to keep the bag from falling off.

Randomly number the bags and shuffle the information cards (for later reference).After the wine has been tasted and scored, you will use these to see how everyone did.

It's Time to Taste the Wine

When all the wine bottles have been "masked", and while your guests are enjoying some of the great appetizers they've brought, pour a taste (1-2 oz.) of wine from bottle #1 into each guest's glass.

Encourage them to explore the wine. How does it look? How does it smell? How does it taste?

Oh - and what do they think it cost?

The conversation should be lively and the score sheets will help to keep track.

Repeat the process which each bottle of wine until all have been tasted.

Easy Scoring Criteria(rate categories 1 to 5)
1="Nope"   3="Pretty Good"   5="Outstanding"
You will also rate the Look, Smell, Taste and Price.
Click here for a printable scorecard.

Reveal the Truth

Now that everyone has expressed their opinions it's time to learn more.

Take the bottles out of their bags, find the corresponding note cards, and share the information. How well did people guess the price? Were there any surprises?

Bring out the main dish, pour some more wine, and enjoy the conversation and the company. You've got a party!

Would you like a Full Wine Tasting Evaluation Scoring Chart? Click here.

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