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Fruit Wine making has become very popular. The term "country wine" is used to reflect the fact that they are non-grape wines. Fruit wines are usually referred to by their main ingredient.

The scope is quite large - from strawberry, elderberry, peach, apple, pear and chokecherry to tomato, every fruit imaginable has been made into wine. And even non-fruits like rhubarb, dandelions, onions (hmmm...), carnations, honeysuckle and the list goes on.

How good some have turned out, we will never know. But I have made terrific wines from fruit wine recipes. They are exciting, challenging and fun to try.

Wine can be made form virtually any fruit or plant (non-toxic), with the fermentation process stimulated by adding sucrose in the form of table sugar or honey.

If you are new to wine making....I highly recommend making a batch of wine using these Fruit Wine Kits. They are very simple. Just add water. And these also reduce the risk of error and problems until you are ready to venture into using "real fresh fruit".

Few foods other than grapes have the balanced quantities of sugar, acid and tannin, to make yeast active. This process, converting sugar to alcohol, is called chaptalization,.

Many fruit wine ingredients suffer from a lack of natural yeast nutrients needed to promote or maintain fermentation. Homemade wine makers must use a yeast nutrient to encourage fermentation.

If you are going to try your hand at fruit wine making, please be sure to add these items to your list of "needed equipment" - a reusable nylon fermentation bag and an acid tester.

Many fruit wines are drinkable after a few months, but they do get better with age. After racking the wine, it is best to leave wine in the carboy for a few months prior to bottling. This allows your wine to develop esters that will diminish the tartness of the wine and the flavor will mellow.

Are you ready to experiment??

Let's go make some Fruit Wine! These are the step by step instructions.

Want a wine you can drink sooner?
Try these Fruit Wine Kits. They are specially designed to be consumed within a year.

Fruit Wine Recipes

wine fruit
These are the most popular fruit recipes that people request. They give you the ingredients for making one gallon. Be sure to multiply for the number of gallons of wine you will be making.

Strawberry Wine
Blueberry Wine
Peach Wine
Apple Wine
Make Homemade Wine from Juice Concentrates

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