Argentine Wine

Argentine wine is mostly derived from the many wine grapes planted in the country by the first European settlers to the region. The Argentine Malbec red wine, which is one of the country's most famous exports came by the way of French and some of their Auxerrios wine grape varieties.

Other European wine grape varieties have also resulted in popular Argentinian wine such as the Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon and the Syrah among many others.

Most of Argentina's more famous wines have their grape origins in either France or Italy.  While some of these grape varieties were introduced to the country centuries ago, some have been introduced in more recent times due to the favorable nature of the country's climate and the need for diversification.

The distinct taste of these wines can be linked to a variety of factors, Argentinian wine makers have their own unique methods of making wine just as the country maintains certain rules related to the production of wines.

One such rule is that any wine associated with the name of a particular wine grape must have 80% of its total content made from that particular grape.

Most of Argentina's wine grapes are grown in the Mendoza, San Juan and Rioja regions of the country. Other regions grow wine grapes as well, but it is a lot more likely that people who encounter Argentine wines will get their first taste from wines that have been produced from these places.

The South American continent produces a great amount of wine purchased in international markets today and both Argentina and Chile are responsible for the bulk of this wine export.

While Chile has been producing world renowned wine for centuries, it was only until the 1990's Argentine wine makers decided to pay more attention to the quality of their product for the sake of export earnings in international markets.

Previously they were much more interested in producing wine of low quality in huge quantities for their domestic market, but all that has changed. Today, Argentina is just as respected as Chile and their wine makes up a large part of the wine consumed around the world on an annual basis.

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