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I bought my first computer in 1985 and have been online ever since. Being a housewife at the time, my sights were not aimed where they are today. I used the internet to surf and play games (nothing real constructive). At that time there was no need to "make money" online.

As time evolved, I decided to start using my online time more wisely. So I opened an Ebay account, which I still have and use today. I sold a few things for extra money to use at Christmas and for birthdays. And I got great reviews from my customers because I delivered what I offered the customer and promptly.

A couple of years after opening my e-bay account, my business had become pretty steady, so I opened an online store. I was buying "adwords" (which brings you paying traffic, but no guarantee they will buy) and paying for the "store", but I wasn't generating any "generic" traffic myself. I was paying for all my traffic. And needed more. Now don't get me wrong, I was doing plenty of business, but the bottom line was not what it COULD be.

I needed to figure out how to make money online in a somewhat passive way since I have a full-time job. I am willing to work and put in the time needed, just don't have the time. So NOW I really need to find a vehicle that will work. I have spent countless hours and hundreds of dollars with every imaginable product out there only to find they are NOT what they should be. The only one "getting rich" was the guru that made up the product.

Along comes SBI!! I read and read AND read everything they had to offer. I read some more and read some more. My eyes were getting tired. I had never seen the amount of information on "HOW TO" build a website and "MAKE" it grow than these people had to offer. Then, something clicked one day. They were telling me "why" my website store didn't make it earlier. It all started to make sense. People turn to the internet for "content". By offering content on a subject you know about, you are gaining that persons respect and trust.

So.....let's go a step further in seeing what SBI had to offer. They encouraged me to find a niche. That was a hard one. So after hours of lists and crossing things out, I was left with my hobby of "winemaking". What the heck could I teach anybody about winemaking? All I knew was how to make it. But SBI led me down a path that was pretty much foolproof (as long as I stayed out of my own way). It is a step by step process, that as you go, opens more doors and ideas.

They would help me "Brainstorm" my "niche". THEN, they would help me build a list of "keywords". THEN, they would make me write an essay pertaining to certain "keywords". THEN they have a website builder where you build your pages from the essays you just wrote on that topic (don't forget to add a few pics too). THEN they would teach you how to get the word out there.....AND, you aren't gonna believe this...the traffic started almost immediately. First month...not much. Second month...a little traffic. Keep building pages they say. Add more content. Third month...hmmm...something is working. Fourth month...WOOHOO...I doubled last month! MAYBE these folks know what they are talking about.I now have lots of traffic and it grows every month.

SBI is the MOST incredible ALL-IN-ONE package I have ever seen in many, many years on the internet. No BULL, no hype, no hustle, just the plain facts in a nutshell AND all the tools to crack them! If you truly have a desire to make a living online, then I highly encourage you to read more...and more....and more...until YOU too, understand and believe in what is available! Please look at the Case Studies to see people like you and me who have succeeded using the tools available. This Video Tour is fun to watch and very informative.

I am glad you are here and hope you will enjoy the art of wine making! Be sure to sign up for my newsletter "Uncorked" that goes out periodically, especially when there are special promos to take advantage of.


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