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Winexpert's Limited Editions for January 2013
October 26, 2012

Hello Fellow Wine Makers

I've been away from my newsletter for some time. But I am back! I have been receiving wonderful feedback from all of you and I want to Thank You all.

Winemaking is a constant learning experience. We will be adding some new advice pages this coming year. So be sure to check us out.

Now for the GOOD NEWS......

Each and every year about this time, Winexpert announces what the "Limited Editions" will be for the following year. These are fabulous wine kits that produce some of the best wines I have ever made!

They come from all over the world and are something to be proud of. Following are brief descriptions of the wines for 2013. They must be pre-ordered and will ship at the stated time.

Argentine Malbec Bonarda

January Release

REGION: Viñas Doña Constanza Vineyard, San Juan, Argentina Nestled in the Andes Mountains in western Argentina, the vineyards of San Juan get brilliant sunshine and little rain in their high desert location. The icy mountain runoff from the Andean snow pack waters the fine loamy soil to produce intensely flavourful grapes.

WINE: This Malbec-dominated blend exudes the new world southern hemisphere style of wine: deep reddish purple in the glass, with aromas of dark fruit, black currants and plums. A rush of initial sweet fruit brought on by the plum element turns slightly drier, reflecting more of a blackberry flavour, finally finishing with a hint of anise. The finish is quite long with dusty dry tannins and a hint of lingering black pepper. A rich, bold wine that will pair nicely with richly prepared red meat dishes.

AGING: Try to hold for at least six months before drinking. This wine will peak at 12-18 months and hold for another two years with good cellaring.

SWEETNESS: Dry BODY: Medium Full ALCOHOL: 13.5%*

Tim from Winexpert does a great job explaining about the grapes and wine produced. I encourage you to listen to his video!

Watch Tim's Video Explaining About the Grapes
Pre-Order Yours NOW!

Argentine Torrontés

REGION: Cafayate Valley, Salta, Argentina Surrounded by mountain ranges, an average height of 1,700m above sea level, grapes grown in the Cafayate valley benefit from more than 300 sunny days a year and low-humidity mild weather.

WINE: This wine’s enticing aromas are strikingly similar to Viognier: hints of peach pit, flowers, and orange citrus fruit. On the palate it has a lush structure and vibrant acidity—and plenty of body for a wine that shows such delicate aromas and flavors. Fruity and floral this wine is still quite dry. Best enjoyed either by itself, or as a wonderful partner with smoked meats, mild to medium-strong cheeses, and seafood.

AGING: This wine will begin to show very well early on, peaking between six and 12 months and holding for another six to 12 in a good cellar.


Watch Tim's Video
Pre-Order Yours NOW!

If you guys have never tried any of these "limited Editions", I highly encourage you to do so. They are some of the heartiest wines I have made....And they make you look like an "Expert"! If anyone has any ideas or issues they would like to be addressed on the site, please feel free to drop me a note drop me a note and I will be glad to take all ideas into consideration.

Happy Wine Making!


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