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Fall 2010 - Holiday Wine Making
September 15, 2010

Hello Fellow Wine Makers

Well summer is finally winding down, the kids are back to school and the holiday season is right around the corner.

Have you given any thought about your holiday wine making? Time to get the wine working so it is ready to bottle in time.

Do you have any fruits from the garden to use? Are neighbors bringing you extra fruit from their garden? No need to keep making jellies and preserves with it. Either use it to make wine now or freeze it to make wine with later.

Actually, if you freeze the fruits, that allows the natural juices and sugars to release once it thaws out, leaving you with a fantastic fruit to ferment.

If you don't have any fresh fruits to use, why not try a light, fruity wine concentrate kit? I have procrastinated before and run out of time for allowing a wine to age and used these kits to make a wonderful holiday wine to give away.

I highly recommend them since they are low in alcohol and produce a quick, great tasting wine that does not need much time to age. These kits also have pre-made labels that will finish them off and look very professional.

Whatever you decide, be sure to present your friends and family with a wine that has been bottled with love!


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