So You Want to Learn
How To Make Homemade Wine?

Well, pour yourself a glass of wine and let me introduce you to the basics of homemade wine making that can produce some of the most delicious wine you have tasted. First off, let me say I was inspired to do this website after having family members and friends repeatedly ask me…

"When is your next batch of wine going to be ready?"


"Will you teach me how to make wine?"

What a compliment! Those statements proved that they really enjoyed my wine and were not just being polite. I decided to share with you how easy wine making really is.

In a few months, your family and friends will be making a toast to you and your delicious wine.

The wine making process is a very simple. It is time consuming only in the fact that it takes weeks to months for the finished wine to be bottled and ready to drink. The step-by-step process, in and of itself, is fairly simple and only takes a few minutes during each required step.

I will help you get acquainted with general wine making terminology.

Then, we will go over wine making equipment and supplies that will be needed. There are just a few items that really are a “must” have to make your wine.

Remember, we aren’t making Grandpa’s hooch, we are making homemade wine. We will learn how to…

The response will make you proud of your accomplishment. It will be the inspiration to make more wine. Lots more!

Once you feel comfortable with making your wine, take it a step further and learn about how to store your wine (your new prized possession!), serve it properly and I will give you several ideas to throw a wine tasting party of your own.

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Food and Wine Pairing
Ideally a wine should compliment a food and vice-versa. With food and wine pairing, however...
Fruit Wine Making
Fruit wine making has become very popular. The term country wine is used to reflect the fact that they are non-grape wines.
Fruit Wine Recipes
When working with fresh fruit wine recipes, keep in mind most recipes you will find have measurements ....
Health Benefits of Red Wine
The health benefits of red wine - drinking red wine, in moderation, can not only be pleasurable but good for your health as well.
How To Make Wine
Ready to learn How to make wine? This is the main step in the wine making process.
Making Ice Wine
Making Ice Wine was apparantly discovered by accident in Germany due to......
Conversion Chart
Serving wine is important to enjoy the full potential of your wine. The type of glass, temperature, whether to decant or not all come into play.
Storing Wine
Properly storing wine is just as important as the time and dedication put into making your wine. From a simple wine rack to a complete wine cellar...
Vertical Wine Tasting
In a vertical wine tasting, you are exploring the same wine varietal from the same winery, for different vintage years.
Wine and Cheese Party
Throwing a Wine and Cheese party has long been popular because the two go together and it is easy to put out a great spread without complication.
Wine Making Grapes
Wines are typically made from 100 percent grape juice. These are a few noble wine making grapes that are most common in making red and white wine.
Wine Making Instructions
These wine making instructions will teach you
Wine Making Terms
These are some common wine making terms you should be familiar with when making homemade wine. There are hundreds of wine terms, but this list is specifically for the homemade wine maker.
Wine Making Tips
Puzzled by a problem with your wine? These wine making tips will help you solve common problems.
Wine Racking
Wine Racking is the process where you remove your wine from the sediment in the primary fermentor.
Wine Tasting
Wine tasting is the sensory examination by means of sight, smell touch and taste in the evaluation of a wine.
Wine Tasting Parties
Wine tasting parties are a fun way to entertain friends. Trying different wines in a relaxed atmosphere gives people...
Wine Books
Wine books are great reference guides for wine making, wine tips, and wine problems. You never know when you will find a kernel of information you can use.
Italian Wine
The Italians have been enjoying the various flavors of italian wine ever since the time of ancient Rome.
French Wine
French wine is created and labeled according to a number of different rules.   Some which are enforced by the relevant authorities within France and others enforced by the European Union which France is a part of.
German Wine
German wine tastes more distinct than its other European counterparts due to the nature of the German climate and the conditions in most of the regions where such wine is produced.
Spanish Wine
When it comes to Spanish wine making grapes, the Tempranillo and Garnacha are the most widely planted red wine grapes while Airen is the most widely planted white wine grape.
Your Favorite Wine
Do you have a favorite wine? Have you created a wine recipe? Please share your favorite wine with our readers.
Your Favorite Winery
Share your Favorite winery with us....We know you have one...
Chilean Wine
While Chilean wine making was introduced by the Spanish, French wine grapes currently account for a substantial part of the nations wine produce, especially when it comes to red wines such as the Chilean Carbernet Sauvignon...
South African Wine
People who have never sampled a bottle of South African wine are usually unaware of the country's long wine making history.
Portuguese Wine
An individual must take the time to specialize in Portuguese wine offerings. Along with the traditional red and white wines, Portugal also has its port wines.
New Zealand Wine
New Zealand wine making activity did not take the center stage until the 1960's and 1970's, when during that period, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc wine making fever swept throughout the potential wine making regions of the country.
Why Read a Wine Label?
Does the wine label name a grape, such as Merlot or Chardonnay or Riesling? That tells you that at least 75 percent of the wine in that bottle comes from that grape.
Wine Label Making
Wine label making - customized, personalized wine labels - is a wonderful way to turn a bottle of wine into a special gift. Now that you have your homemade wine you need to create your wine labels.
Home Winemaking Kits
Most wineries offer home winemaking kits that are specifically designed to make in the comfort of your own home.
Home Winemaking Accessories
Several home winemaking accessories other than your primary and secondary fermenters that make the wine making process easier include all these items.
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